Artist Statement

Susan L Stewart

Writing an Artist Statement is an important part of creating an effective website for an artist. It is also one of the hardest things an artist will do. I have lost count of the number of Artist Statements I have written over the years.

I always take a look at the Artist Statement on other artists’ websites. Many successful artists have beautiful statements. They advocate for causes. They ascribe noble thoughts to their work. Their motives are pure. They want their paintings to bring about positive change.

I want all of that stuff, too, but no matter how many times I write my Artist Statement, and how much time I spend, I am never satisfied with it. I agree that “Art” of all kinds has the ability to change individuals and society for the better or for the worse. For example, think about the influence of violent music and movies compared to songs and films that inspire you.

So here I am again, writing another Artist Statement. I have given this many hours of thought. What is it that I want to say through my work? What kind of take-away do I want viewers to get? After many hours, days – and even years – I have finally come to the conclusion that I don’t have high lofty goals for my art. I can’t make up some deeper meaning or figure out how my art is going to make a significant difference for humanity. And that’s OK. My painting of a poppy is just that – my interpretation of a poppy – not a statement condemning heroin dealers. Although I do – condemn heroin dealers, that is.

This is my most sincere and honest statement about my art:

  • I paint because it makes me happy.
  • I paint because I love color and texture.
  • I cannot ascribe noble sentiments to my art.
  • I am not trying to prove something I deeply believe in.
  • I am not trying to say something meaningful that will change humanity for the better.

The highest hope I have for my art is that it will make you happy, too . . . and that you’ll want to buy it. 🙂

Susan L Stewart

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